Friday, April 5, 2019

Past Ghosts/Anger Management

Evening, Fam...

So yesterday, Joey remembered reading The Scary Stories Treasury with her sibs.  It'd turn into an impromptu, almost Mad Libs type story her brother's spin, which would turn the scary stories to comedies.  I think he was trying to lighten the stories, so the younger sibs'd not be so scared.  Joey always tells me how her older brother, Tony,  could flip something serious or scary to make whatever palatable for them.  She ADORES him.

This week's been one of those weeks for us, beginning with a stupid tiff over trying to help each other in small quarters with two wheelchairs.  After not really talking a lot, we talked it out, and I decided to enroll in online anger management classes to help deal with crip and life issues.  Wish me luck.

Be good to each other.


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