Wednesday, April 3, 2019

April Fools/MAJOR Control Issues/Adapting to Life and Mindset When/Interpretive Art.

Evening, Fam...

So, Joey's quite the little prankster, April Fools is the day she considers her pass.  She's so innocent with her pranks.  It's cute, and people dug it.

Then,  we had a major issue When my power button on my control caved in...when I was leaning forward.  We scrambled too find something to turn my chair on, so I could straighten my back out while trying to get a hold of our mechanic, which I didn't hear from until yesterday, but he could come until today.

Joey's girl wasn't coming last night, a fact we didn't find out until the 11th hour, so I started making dinner.  While it was cooking, I extolled how Schwan's food delivery service is a godsend for crips, who need pre-cooked food they can microwave like the burrito I made her.

I also talked about a convo I had with one of our You Tube friends, Dale, where he asked what advice I'd give first-time authors.  I told him I'd tell them to think in terms of "when" not "if,' because if doesn't get things done.

Lastly, a couple days ago, another one of our You Tube friends, Brittany, an artist, who was interested in seeing my interpretive art, where I take a line from a song, movie, or whatever.  I also talk about how cathartic it can be...and, that ANYBODY can do whatever whether it be art, singing, acting, whatever.

Be good to each other.


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