Sunday, April 7, 2019

Joey's New Boots/A Chocolate Binge/How Much We Know of Each Other/Open Letter to James McAvoy

Evening, Fam...

So the other day, Mom got Joey some new boots.  Getting new boots is special and hard for her, because needs a decent heel and traction, so she can do everything she needs to do like talk to john when her chicks aren't here.  Of course, that's not th end of it, because if the heel's too big, she'uncomfortable in her chair, which is no 'ueno.  We think she's found a winner.

Also,  we needed to drop some love for our April birthdays while welcoming our new Two Feet Below fam  members.  We also had a chocolate binge,  which gave us the chance to talk aboutt my peanut allergy, hence,  our different chocolate tastes.

Today, our friend, Mayra, hit us up to do a vlog in the vein of The Dating Game,  where we see how much we really know about each.  Then, we turn it around to see who wants to play and share.

Finally, it's no scret how much Joey loves James McAvoy.  Here, she puts herself out there to read a letter she'd written  him in the hopes it goes viral, and finds its way to him.  If you guys can make this happen, she'd be over the moon.  Thanks in advance.

Be good to each other.


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