Wednesday, November 21, 2018

When Losing Your Inhibitions Runs Deeper.

Early morning, Fam…

So, Joey told you her views on cheating Mon., but what if the cause ran deeper?

This was one of the topics in Mon.’s Good Doctor when a patient revealed she’d had four affairs while proclaiming her love for her hubby…oh yeah, she was preggers.  Her hubby had a vasectomy.  He was all the emotions that come when finding out the one you love cheats on you.  She even kissed Shaun on impulse.

OK, I’m not condoning cheating.  It sucks to be cheated on and to be the cheater, I know.

In this case, the reason ran much deeper.  Come to find out the patient had a tumor that was screwing with the part of her brain that ran her inhibitions.  Of course, she had the surgery to remove said tumor and it was like turning off a light switch.  Shaun even asked her if she wanted to kiss him, which answered yes, but she’s not.  She was just happy he’d given her marriage an olive branch.

The thing that made Shaun wonder was her adamancy that she was devoted to her man, and after learning of her condition, hubby, though still wounded, was more willing to move on knowing the full story.

Like I said, I don’t condone cheating, I just found it interesting one of the subplots had to do with Joey’s topic with a totally different take on the situation.

Hold your significant other and be good to each other.


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