Thursday, November 22, 2018

Happy Thanksgiving from Two Feet Below!

Morning, Fam…

Happy Thanksgiving from us to you and your fams!  This what we woke up to outside.

Joey and I’m going to the Folks’ with the Boys to eat ourselves into oblivion and spend time with Mom and Dad.

Kat and Jack’re spending time with fam and friends this year.

Right now we’re watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade from NY, a yearly thing.  Joey actually got a chance to see the Parade live when she lived there as a kid.  She said it was fun to go, but that you can only see as things’re going by.  Once they’re gone, you’re done, so watching on TV’s actually a better experience…plus, you get the benefit of the announcers on TV.

We’ve got a lot of things to be thankful for this year despite all the hardships.  First, we’re both still above ground.  Second, we’ve started Two Feet Below, which leads us to you guys, thank you for following us and keep coming back to us.  You guys’re truly fam!  And, of course, the rest of the people that’re really involved with our lives…not just hot and cold.

BTW, check out this Macy's commercial I just saw.  It got me misty-eyed.

Be safe whatever you guys do and be good to each other.

-J & J-

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