Friday, November 23, 2018

The Same Dilemma

Hey, guys.  How’s your Black Friday?  Hopefully pretty uneventful.  Jason and I spent a few hours at the mall.  I must be the only woman in the world who is not happy walking the mall, getting nothing accomplished.
Anyway, I’ve been down lately.  I know we’re supposed to think more about what we have-not what we don’t-but sometimes that’s very hard for me.  How do you think about what you have when your caregiver doesn’t even come to get you out of bed?  Many people (I’ve been told by them) don’t even think about it-they take it for granted because they don’t need help in that way.  I’ve been told by these people they would not make it in my shoes.
Was I trying to kid myself into thinking my current health care company would be better than the others?
The main problem with the others is they did not seem to care that clients are literally stuck in bed-can’t eat, can’t pee, unless on themselves, can’t take care of their pets, run errands, anything-without their help in first getting up.  So, what do these guys do?  Mind you, AFTER I just filled out a survey, giving 5 stars in everything, since Wednesday morning, I have not had service at all!
What upsets me even more than that is nobody even once called to make sure I’m hanging in there.  I found help, but, God.  Do they not care if I get up?
Do I have service on Monday?  I better.  I have a doctor appointment.
Pray for me, please.  I need it.
And if you’re looking for a job, please hit us up.


  1. Aww joey I love you with all my heart and sometimes companies may not be finacially fit or other reasons as to why they can't seem to get someone for you , yes I undertand sh* happens but on a professional level things in my opinion should be very determined in havig things straight. Im glad "some" people have a caring heart to even visit you or help you when they're not even getging paid for it. Overall you deserve all the help you can get& neither should anyone EVER reccommend anyone going into a nursing home either (f.y.i)

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