Saturday, November 24, 2018

Finding the Strength to Accept.

Afternoon, Fam…

So, Tuesday’s episode of New Amsterdam dealt with acceptance and, I dare say, strength.  The first, the world’s greatly lacking, the other, just has to be found.

The first plot point had to do with a young lady being brought in by Mom for headaches.  Of course, the docs deeper than Mommy Dearest, and want daughter evaluated, which Mom gets pissed and they leave, and of course, they’ve got to come back when daughter tries to off herself walking in front of the subway.  Come to find out daughter feels stressed to live up to the parental units’ expectations, hence, the headaches.  Mommy Dearest had to accept that daughter was more than physically sick while daughter had to tell Mommy Dearest she, daughter, wasn’t perfect.

The other acceptance plot point had to do with a terminal cancer patient, which hit home for Max since he’s facing treatment.  The patient has to make a decision to have a surgery that he only has a 10% chance of surviving, but if he does, it’ll give him a better quality of life with the time he’s got left.  His other choice’s to go home to enjoy his time.  The man’s a preacher, so he uses the story of Abraham and Isaac when explaining to Max his decision…and, he says he doesn’t want to be a patient anymore.  He’d accepted his fate.

That’s was deep.

Let’s take this out of TV, shall we?  Whether it’s from outside or from ourselves, we’re getting judged, measured up adding stress whether we acknowledge it or not.  It’s great to want to be on our A-games 24/7, but not at the expense of our health.  Somewhere along the line, you have to find the strength to be honest with people…and more importantly yourself…and, accept yourself warts and all.

Be good to each other.


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