Friday, November 23, 2018

Black Friday from Two Feet Below.

Afternoon, Fam…

So, today, we went to the mall to a. go to Verizon to get my phone replaced since the battery expanded and the phone no longer rings or vibrates, and b. to hang out.  Yeah, soak up that Black Friday vibe.

We decided to tackle the phone after we saw the line at Luciano’s, the place Joey likes pizza best, but they were busy and one of the associates asked of we could come back in 30, so we went to Starbucks, which was jumping as well.  We put in our order of a couple of hot chestnut praline lattes and a blueberry muffin for Joey and sat with a fam that was waiting for their order.  They were overwhelmed, but we got our stuff.

We drank our coffees and Joey ate her muffin, then, we were off back to Verizon, which really hadn’t let up., but we were help, and I was left with my phone on hold waiting for some Verizon personnel while the dude at the store helped other people while checking in me from time to time.  Finally, I just asked if I could do it myself, which he said yes.  I’ll do it when I plug in my phone.  I knew today was a bad idea to try to pull something like that today, but oh, well.

While I waited more, Joey went to Bath n Body, which I found her when I got tired of waiting.  Of course, the place was congested, and I made us spend more than we intended.  I know Joey was upset.  I’m sorry, Princess.  She said it’s bad when the man’s more of a diva than the wife.  I normally don’t want anything.

After BNB, we wandered back to Bealls to get the bus.

True, it was busy, but I don’t think we had to dodge any runaway rugrats for the amount of warm bodies that was there.  Joey did have to get out of Verizon.  It is a tiny space really.

It was cool to get out, though.  We saw our friend Marion and her daughters, which was cool.  Her daughter gave me a hug, I love when kids’ve never been afraid of us in our chairs.  I’ve known Marion and her fam from my office days and when we’d get our haircuts at Penney’s.

You guys, be careful out there, have fun, and be good to each other.


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