Friday, November 2, 2018

Shaded Mistakes and Community Feasting.

So, this’s going to be a twofer.

This morning, I wasn’t expecting help from Tripple C after Wednesday; nonetheless, I called to ask.  Danielle answered and told me she’d have to call me back with an answer.  Hmmm.  While I waited for an answer I was certain wasn’t coming, I texted Mom to ask her to come through to at least help me cath even if I wasn’t going to be able to get up again.

Mom came, and while she was still here, Danielle called back to say someone was coming, but she didn’t have a timeframe…still *GASP*!  Anyway, I was set for the time being.  I thanked Mom, and she left, but the doorbell rang almost right away.  I thought Mom’d forgotten something, but it was BeBes to get me up.  She only needed a couple reminders in my routine.  I also got the 411 about what happened Wednesday.

Come to find out Yesenia just upped and quit the company…hmmm.  Adan asked BeBes about my missing vitals in her paperwork.  She said she thought it weird she didn’t see me, which he told her he texted her about me, but when he looked, he forgot to send it; therefore, all the shit that happened because of it.

OK, I know shit happens, but Mom tore him a new asshole at 5, and BeBes said he texted her at 9…WTF happened between those 4 hours?  I think someone’s giving a half-ass truth/excuse to cover his ass.  Again, whatever it takes for you to be able to sleep, Man, it’s your karma.  Also, the shit about me/us needing to move to a nursing home, that’s not forgotten.

Anyway, moving on, since BeBes came to get me up, the day’s plans weren’t screwed up.  At 4, Ashley came to take us to HEB’s annual Feast of Sharing at the Horseshoe Arena, where we met up with Ashley’s mom, oldest daughter, and niece.  It was Joey’s and my 2nd year going.  They treat everybody like royalty, seating, serving, clearing empty plates, and seeing if you want more.  It’s all you can eat.  I tapped out at 2.5 plates and a couple mini Dr. Bs trying to help Joey finish hers. 
We also got our flu shots while we were there.

We hope we get to a point we can pull a community gig like that with Two Feet Below in the future.

It was a good day.

Be good to each other.


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