Saturday, November 3, 2018

A Chill Day...FINALLY!

Evening, Fam…

So, today was a pretty chill day considering the way life’s been jumping around here lately.  Our friend, Sara, came to get Joey up and brought doughnuts.  She’d come Thursday night on a pinch to save Joey from having to be ass out and sleeping on the floor.  We’re hoping she fills out an app to help her.

After I got up, we’ve just been chillin’ watching/listening to the ID channel, which seems to be our go-to when there’s nothing else on.  We think true life’s always scarier than horror movie.

So far this weekend, we’ve paid the 1st part of the house taxes and some bills…ah, the joy of house ownership.

I’ve taught myself how to clean the dishes using my reacher this week…WOOHOO!  Yeah, it takes some maneuvering to get the angles I need to rinse, say, mugs and Gatorade squeeze bottles, which are a mainstay here, getting reused for everything from drinking to using for controlled putting water in the Boys’ bowl.  Adapting, Guys.

Tomorrow, we’re dreading Andrew Lincoln’s last TWD episode.  It ain’t looking too good for ol’ Rick.  Also, I read today that tomorrow’s also Maggie’s last episode, which ain’t a big loss since she’s turned bitch…and, especially since she’s leaving over money.  Huh, I thought she’d gotten over her hissy fit with her negotiations; hence, her being around this season at all.
BTW, Joey keeps telling me to remind you guys to remember to turn your clocks back tonight.

Be good to each other.


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