Friday, November 2, 2018

Another Twist

Hi everybody.  How are you guys?  So, did I say the other day I’m starting to be able to breathe again? (shaking my head)
So, first off, I do know companies’ troubles-I’ve said it time and time again.  However, when the new agency came in, I told the supervisor my troubles.  I mentioned that, though night help is hugely important, morning care is more important for me.  I said, though, I’ve had to occasionally sleep on the floor if I don’t have night care.
She said how terrible that was, and if she had to come at night, that was fine with her, because she did not want me to go without.  Well, one week into it, and (if Jason didn’t help me find somebody) I would have already gone 3 nights without help!  And then they inform me today that nobody can come Saturday or Sunday morning, either!
My worst anxiety.
What the hell?  Well, technically, they’re still doing better than Tripple C did for me, but, wow.
Now, I’m not a Saint, but if I give somebody my word, I’m gonna damn near kill myself keeping it, if that’s what it takes.  I realize, for that, I’m a dying breed, but…
I go by the deal, “Let your yes’ mean YES, and your no’s mean no.”  It is perfectly okay to say no (really, I’d much rather hear the ugly truth from somebody than a pretty lie), but if you say yes, then put your heart and soul into it!
I hope this is just a temporary setback.  Jason and I have had So many mornings (or nights) where nobody helped us, or, just crap that some might take for granted or simply not understand.
If anybody lives in Midland, or Odessa and doesn’t mind the commute, do you want to apply to be our caregiver?  We’ll provide the info.  Thanks.
P.S: thank God I have this weekend covered.

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