Wednesday, November 7, 2018

A Wednesday in Health Care

Hi everybody.  Joey here.  Be safe in this weather, okay.
So, how are you?  My blood is boiling today-maybe I should step outside.  I still need help caregiver wise, so if you’d like to, is the site.  I’d be happy to see you.  Lifespan is really working hard, though, to see my needs are met, and they seem like they care-a lot, which is rare in a health care company.
Speaking of that, that other company which barely used to help me… The one that told me I should get a full time catheter (did I just misspell that?  I’m so angry), the one who suggested I should move to a nursing home.  The company who only sent a caregiver one day every two weeks to meet my (daily) needs, and who didn’t even call on those other days to see if I was okay.  Yeah, those guys.
You read, last week, that they messed with J, too, never showing when they lied about why and telling him the exact same things the wife and co-owner said to me (do they have these things scripted?).  Why they didn’t help him that day was supposedly a miscommunication, hmm.
Mom had some words with them, too, which I was grateful for.
Today, the boss helped J; he also had to drop off supplies.  He had to say his thing first, so, knowing J feels trapped when, say, I go mess with him while he’s “stuck in bed”, I followed for support.  Well, he said how much he didn’t appreciate Mom calling, first off.  I get it-nobody likes being chewed out-but if the shoe fits… He said for them to continue helping, that should not happen again.
Excuse me?  So, let me get this straight; nobody should stick up for the client?  Wow.
He suggested, again-in greater detail-about the foley.  We both said it’d prohibit independence, first of all.  I even chimed in, saying the company told me that’s what I should do.  Absolutely nothing was offered in my support.
He also said Mom should be caring for J and that he considered not coming to help today because of the upset that phone call caused him but changed his mind.
What a saint.
What a morning for us, huh?  I guess they patched things up, though (I’m making a weird face).  Something needs to go our way really soon.
Love you guys.

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