Friday, October 12, 2018

Meet Maddie!

Afternoon, Fam…

So, this morning, we had a little visitor when my friend, Yesenia, came to help me get up.

Meet Maddie!

She’s 3, and is the sweetest, most patient little girl I’ve met considering she waited while I cathed, dressed, cleaned, and got up.  She watched cartoons while Yesenia did her thing with me, something Yesenia’s taught her kids’s a treat, as opposed to those parental units who give their kids a phone to shut them up and keep them out of their hair.

Maddie started school this week, and has taken to it so much she ignores Yesenia when she tells her bye.  That’s a well-adjusted kid.  It’s a testament to Yesenia’s parenting a “special” needs kid.  I’ll be interested to watch her grow, and learn from her as she comes into her world.

Be good to each other.