Saturday, October 13, 2018

Priorities from Two Feet Below.

Evening, Fam…

So, let’s talk about priorities, shall we?

You guys know the van’s battery crapped out on us last week.  With Joey’s provider issues, the battery’s been put on the back burner.  Yeah, most people’d be shitting themselves without their ride.  Us, not so much.

Priorities for us are: Providers followed close by grub.  We’ve got the bus for transportation.  If we don’t have the bus, we can walk.  Most people consider you a scrub if you use the bus.  I’ll remember that when your ride craps out on you, and I’m seeing you on your way to work ON THE BUS OR AT THE STOP when I’m toodling along heading to wherever.

But, I digress…

People take for granted just getting up and going.  If we don’t have help getting up, the rest don’t mean ssssssh.

Br good to each other.


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