Thursday, October 11, 2018

Mistaken Nachos

Hey guys.  Yay, Jason wrote.  How are you?  So, we had a heck of a time…with our dinner last night.  I’ll try not to say too much, because the fact is, we’re lucky to get dinner-some can’t.
J ordered a little after 5 to Café Unique.  I love that they use black beans in most of their menu.  However, about two hours after we ordered, the Texas-to-go delivery guy called and said Café Unique closed due to a family emergency.  I hope everything is okay.  But why did it take somebody two hours to tell us??
So, I’m starving and angry!
He offered to get food from another place.  I paid, so, fine.  We ordered from Jumburrito-also it was close to the haus (yes, I just spelled ‘house’ in German).  I got nachos, because I still wanted beans, but, really, I should have asked for a restaurant with black beans.
Sadly enough, and cutting to the chase, my nachos had stale chips and the refried beans were bland, bland.  Yuck.  I’m passionate about food, so, I did Not even want to finish it.  Come on, Jumburrito, I’ve tasted much better food from you.  Last night, thumbs way down.
Upside, those Texas-to-go delivery people are Always Outstanding J
Good night.  Love you.

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