Thursday, August 16, 2018

Born This Way-Going to the Chapel.

Early morning, Fam...

So, A&E’s Born This Way’s new season started today.  The whole gang’s back.  Angel and Christina’re planning their wedding, the venue, the dress, the catering, Angel’s move…the whole shebang.  Elena’s got a boyfriend.  Rachel and Megan’re planning to be roommates.  Sean gets a tattoo.  John’s learning to drive.  Of course, the parental units’re still present.  They seem to’ve grown up…yeah, I said it.  In past seasons, I thought they were inhibitors than pushing…especially Kris, Megan’s parental unit, who I really don’t care for.  She’s a divorcee with jaded tendencies that she lets slip to Megan, which isn’t healthy.

I know these guys don’t want to be known as inspirations because of the retardation, but I can’t help feeling inspired each episode.  I know it’s reality TV, so I hope we’re getting a raw look as opposed to an edited, stylized showing of MR life.  Either way, we’ll see it though, we’ve invested 3 seasons already.

Anyway, there’re two episodes every Wednesday, check it out.  It looks like this season’s going to be life changing for the kids.

Be good to each other.


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