Thursday, August 16, 2018

Raising Tourette's-Controlling the Uncontrolable.

So, after Born This Way’s new season premiered, a new show premiered titled Raising Tourette’s.

Now, we haven’t Tourette’s yet here.  Not that we’re leaving out that cripness.  I don’t think either of us know anybody with Tourette’s, so this series’ll be interesting and a tearjerker, I can tell from next week’s trailer.

Anyway, Raising Tourette’s centers around 5 fams:  Kristin - Age 17: Heading into her senior year in high school, Kristin is preparing to apply for college while managing the symptom inducing stress of new classes, marching band practice and school dances.

Charlee - Age 13: Free spirited Charlee is facing an increase in her Tourette's Syndrome right as she heads back to public school after being home schooled.

Kaden - Age 11: Army brat Kaden is gearing up to start his sixth new school in as many years and uses his love of music and playing the cello to help manage his tics.

Sam - Age 16: Using humor as a shield, Sam expresses himself through videos he posts on social media but still struggles to find inner confidence as he works to find his place in the real world

Colton - Age 15: Having taken a break from school due to a physical tic that caused him to fall, Colton is heading back to school which he hopes will help him to overcome his intense social anxiety.

I got the above bios from A&E’s site.

The interesting thing I learned Tourette’s and OCD and depression seem to go hand in hand.  I don’t know if the OCD and depression are by-products or are the catalyst of Tourette’s.  I hope to learn that as the season progresses.

What we’ve learned, like any other cripness, the way to cope’s being pro-active and adapting in order to live in the world.  Like I’ve said here, and they’ve mirrored my words, albeit in their own words, true friends’ll come along for the ride, or they’ll slough off.

Guys, give Raising Tourette’s a go.  I’m invested already with the series Tivoed if we miss an episode.

Be good to each other.


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