Wednesday, August 15, 2018

I Can Keep My Mouth Shut, Why Can't You?

So, I’ve been sitting on this for a bit, because it’s serious on a couple levels, and I wanted to let it marinate a bit.

I had a chick tell me she didn’t want to cath me, because she’s a CAN, and it’s against the law.

OK, I get laws and wanting to keep a license she worked hard for, but on the same note, I also know how to keep my mouth shut.  I’ve been playing the provider game for 25+ years, I know what to do and what not to do took keep a provider or how to get rid of one.

Given that, she showed her hand…essentially, telling me she can’t keep her mouth shut.  Her boss already knows she needs to cath me FIRST before we clean up, dress, and get up.  SO, it’s not like I’m doing anything shady.  Hell, she super’s a nurse, so he KNOWS the rules.

She pulled the 20-year experience card while instructing me the difference between a provider and a CAN.  That told me she thinks highly of herself, because she’s a “CNA,” she’s above doing some stuff.  Yeah, we’ll see about that.

My 25+ years trumps her experience.  If she’d caught me 25 years ago, I’d’ve clicked on her ass.  Instead, I’m 42, and a LITTLE more grown up, so I bit my tongue…that bitch hurt too!

The fix: Now, I’ve got a nurse that comes in to cath me and give me my meds before the provider/CAN finishes up.  OK, I can deal even though no crip wants everybody and God knowing their business.  Ideally, it’s an A and B affair.  We do our thing…end of story.  The ONLY way ANYONE knows what goes on is if one of us talks, BUT THAT’S HIPPA!  Until recently, I haven’t had an issue for a LONG time.

Like I said, I can play the game, so I trust her ass just enough to get our shit done, but I’m not sharing anything I don’t want broadcast, because, OBVIOUSLY, she can’t keep her mouth shut.  If random stuff gets brought up from her super that I haven’t told him personally, we’re have issues.

Have any of you guys had problems with peeps talking?  Guys, know the game, play it to work for you.  Keep your shit safe within your walls.

Be good to each other.


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