Monday, July 9, 2018

The Public Closet.

So, ‘50s heartthrob Tab Hunter’s died.

OK, J, why do we care?

Yeah, I might’ve heard his name in passing, because I’m into movies, but he wasn’t on my radar either, which I plan remedying.

OK, sooo…?

He was a leading man…and, he was closeted gay.

The powers that be had him in “public” relationships with his co-stars like Natalie Wood, who were in The Girl He Left Behind (‘56) together while he was really dating the likes of Anthony Perkins, who’s most known for creating Norman Bates in ‘60’s Psycho and who was also bi (his wife died in 9-11).

My point is, it was career suicide to be a heartthrob and gay, you just didn’t do it…publically anyway.  That must’ve been a bitch, your whole public persona a sham.  If you slipped up, you’re blacklisted.

Nowadays, people still get shit on, but that closet’s getting emptier and emptier as celebs aren’t caring across the board.  Why should they?

I think it’s funny how people judge.  Are they not comfortable in their skin and that’s why they throw stones?  Fag is a cancer stick in other countries, gay USED to mean happy…everyday words.

You do you and let the rest fall by the wayside.

Be good to each other.


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