Monday, July 9, 2018


Afternoon, Guys…

So, the charges from that John Cato out of Cali were legit.  A rep from CNB called me this morning while Ashley, who came early, was getting me up.  She said they’d had a lot of hits by the same guy, so they cancelled my card and put in an order for another, which I should be getting HOPEFULLY by Friday.  She also told me I needed to sign a paper, which turned out is to dispute the charges to get my money back, which, all said and done, totaled $150 and change…not the worse I read, but nothing to thumb my nose at either.

After breakfast, I ran to the bus to go to the bank.  We’ve had rain, so it’s humid, so I wanted to get out before the real heat kicked in.  Anyway, they took me right away…that’s when I found out the damage.  I signed the paper, she told it’d 5-10 business days before my money’d be back, but to check every day, because this’s a known and ongoing case.  That sucks, but, oh well, at least I’m getting my money back.  I’ve read people, who go through credit unions’re having a hard time getting their money back.

I also told her how I’d traced it, which she didn’t know, I told her how easy it was to do.  She was impressed.  I asked her if there was a way to beef up security, she said use cash.  I understand that.  Thanks, Delilah!

Also, Guys, this is an observation I’ve made, read the scolls on the top of the sites you visit, many have the goings-on on their sites…including know breaches and scams.  I read one, NOT the city of Midland one, on the CNB site over the weekend.

Guys we’re a computer world, which isn’t bad, just be careful…there’re bad people.

Be good to each other.


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