Monday, June 25, 2018

The End of Pawn Stars As We Know It.

So, Pawn Stars starring Richard “Old Man” Harrison, his son, Rick Harrison, Rick’s son, Corey, and family friend Chumlee has been a juggernaut for the History Channel since ’09, putting Gold & Silver Pawn Shop in Vegas on the global map as a bucket list thing to experience right along with going to, say, New York.

Today, the sad news dropped that “The Old Man” died the young age of 77 from Parkinson’s Disease, according to Rick.

As of the last couple years, “The Old Man’s” been conspicuously missing from the show after a stroke, I believe, where he used to regale patrons with his Naval stories and his vast knowledge of the many things that’d come through the shop.  He also had a reputation of being a hard ass when negotiating to buy or sell an item, often going down on a price or an offer if the patron didn’t take his initial offer.

Condolences to “The Old Man’s” fam, friends, and fans.

Be good to each other.

-J &J-

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