Monday, June 25, 2018

Taking a Crip to Task.

So, after Ashley got me up this afternoon, I went over to Astral Castle, the role-playing card game shop our friend, Dave, owns.  Joey wasn’t feeling great, so she sat this one out to stay in the A/C like Mother Nature intended.

I got a late start, so getting bus 3’d be a crapshoot, but I took the bet and won.

We hadn’t been by to see Dave since we started Two Feet Below.  I think we told him about wanting to start it last year when it was just a book of our photography from our perspective, but, of course, those of you, who’ve been keep up with us, know about how hellified the year was.

The thing about Dave’s he’s a laid back English chap, who has an awesome outlook on people in general.  We love talking to him about life in jolly Ol’ England, how they treat their crips compared to here.  That was one thing we asked in Honduras, just for a basis of how crips get out in public in other countries.  He’s always taken us at face value and tells us when he sees something different.  We like that.

Too many times, people pussyfoot around like they have to agree with everything a crip says lest they offend said crip.  A good debate’s healthy and fun at times.  Yeah, it’s nice when we’re all on the same page, but no one really wants a Mini-Me that mimics your every thought mindlessly.

Be good to each other.


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