Tuesday, June 26, 2018

More Than Just a Crip.

Morning, Guys…

So, after I left Dave’s, I went to the shop to see what the guys were up to.  T’Bro was there by himself inking a sepia Virgin Mary as a half sleeve on a guy.  He’d been working on it awhile, because he had the linework finish and was in on the shading.  He was trying to get as much done as possible, because he had to get his kids.

Anyway, he told me he’d given Tudy of Familia in O-Town the shirt we’d ordered for him and that he had money for me.

Now, I don’t consider myself shy and I’m always curious about the reasoning behind someone getting a piece; however, after we introduced ourselves, he asked me about my Rocky quote on my upper left forearm since it can’t be missed.  I’ve been asked about it and complimented on it.  Then, he flipped the script on me by asking me about mine, so I told about my Between Rage and Serenity piece and the dog bite that JUST missed it and the Rocky quote covering the top half of said bite.

He told me the one he was getting his only his second, and he was asking about my others, asking specific questions about the “spiciness”, as Cal (RIP) would say, of a given spot.

The significance of this is that people rarely ask us advice or want to know anything outside of our cripness, so him asking advice about getting inked was new territory.  I’m, by no means, an expert.

It’s just he thought more of me to engage me in convo outside, “Hi,” and pick up his phone.

Be good to each other.


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