Monday, June 4, 2018

Happy, Happy

Happy Monday to you.  I could say, “Happy June 4th,” but nobody would know why that’s a thing.  My siblings and I, as kids, made up a day, between Mother’s and Father’s Day.  See, we didn’t know there already existed a Sibling/Brothers and Sisters Day.  We thought it was unfair that we kids did not have a special day, so we made up one, on June 4th.
We had candy, asked our mom to buy chips and dip, exchanged gifts, and, as I recall, the MTV music awards fell around that day.  You know, that was when MTV actually played MUSIC 24/7.  My older brother, Tony, bought me my first porcelain doll; I think I was 19.  My younger sister and I stayed up all night, playing “our game”.  Okay, we did that almost every day anyway.
I wonder if any of my sibs remember this date as fondly as I do…
However, on this date-June 4, 2018-there is a new celebration.  My little brother and his beautiful, kind wife welcomed their first child-a boy, who I will not mention his name without permission (lol).  His birth was a little complicated at the end, but he’s here-they’re doing fine-and I know he has two amazingly wonderful parents.  Happy birthday, my sweet nephew.
Happy June 4th everybody!

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