Monday, June 4, 2018

Hostage! (On the Lighter Side)

Hey guys.  It's Joey again.  What, two in one day?  Is it a full moon?
No doubt you've read Jason's Hostage!  Yes, it was frustrating and still without resolve.  However, here's a funnier tail...
I don't transfer from my chair to the toilet-with my CP, it's just very hard.  I get on the floor, crawl to the toilet, pull down pants, climb up.  Sound hard?  Well, yes, but... Our home is set up for me, however, that makes "going" in public places difficult.
So, this afternoon, I'm dying.  I jump out of my chair, crawl to the toilet, pull down pants, and...Hollywood And Chewy enter the room, expecting butt scratches because I'm on the floor.  Here's what happened.
Me: Hi, boys.
Both: Hi, Mom.  Oh, good, you're here.  Pet my butt.
Me: Boys, I gotta pee.  Look, I'm all ready to get up there and everything.
Both: Okay (turn around) Pet My Butt.
Guess what I did first :)

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