Monday, June 4, 2018

Puerto Rico on My Mind.

Afternoon, Guys…

So, last night, wed had a string of thunderstorms come through, bringing lightning, wind, rain…and, hail.  It was coming from the West, moving to the Northeast, so it was slamming into our bedroom window.  Thank God, this morning, I didn’t see any splinters, but, damn.  This made me think of the reports I’ve been hearing on the revised death tolls of Hurricane Maria’s devastation on Puerto Rico from its landfall last year to the subsequent fallout.  It’s craziness, the NY Post reporting between 800-8,500!  Good God!

Now, I’ve never been, but if you’ve been following us, I’m of Puerto Rican descent.  My bios were from the island, and I was born in the Bronx.  My folks’ve been there, and they tell me it’s beautiful.  I’ve got FB friends too from there that visit regularly, and I love seeing the pics they post.

But, getting back to the hurricane devastation, we, in the US, can’t fathom that level of death.  We had Hurricane Katrina, which decimated New Orleans, but nothing of what we’re hearing out of there…not that I’m minimizing that.  Death is death.

How to prevent this type of apocalyptic death toll from happening again?  Well, there’s no definite way to ensure Mother Nature won’t hand our asses to us again.  Scary when we, as humans, need to be in control, and the hardcore fact is we can’t.

We just can look out for ourselves and each other.

Be good to each other.


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