Monday, June 18, 2018

Disagreements from Two Feet Below.

Morning, Fam…

So, Saturday night, we watched Open House on Netflix.  I saw it starred Dylan Minnette from 13 Reasons Why, so I thought there was something special to it.  Joey and I pretty much like the same things, so checking out something the other wants to see, isn’t a biggie.  Guys, gather up your nutsacks, and go to that chick flick with your girls.  That being said, I liked it, Joey didn’t.

This didn’t start WWIII, we talked about our opinions, and you’re getting it here.  We respect each other’s views.  I think she’s got a blog brewing that we’ve got similar and differing views on that she’s gonna drop soon.

Now, I’m pretty good at being spoiler-free, but for this one, I’m gonna have to tell some stuff to explain our cases.  You’ve been warned.

Ladies first.  Joey didn’t like it, because it frustrated her.  The mystery was never solved, so there was no payoff for her.  You knew something was happening to the fam and there was a lot of misdirectioning to thicken the plot, but you never found out who or why.  The last scene left it open for a sequel, so maybe we’ll get more, but maybe not.

I liked those unknowns.  It was real to me.  The Zodiac Killer, Jack the Ripper were never solved…and, never WILL be CONCLUSIVELY.  Unfortunately, the movie was real-world.

That’s just movie, but Joey and I have disagreements like any other couple.  Some carry more weight than others.  Some turn into arguments, and that’s fine as much as they suck, especially if they get bad, but the key’s finding that agreement in the end, finding that way back…And, saying sorry WITH NO BUT at the end.  It’s doable, it might take some serious thinking, but it’s doable.

Be good to each other.


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