Monday, June 18, 2018

To Live and Die By Your Words.

So, rapper, XXXtentacion was just shot and killed on a drive-by in Florida.  Another young life wasted.  20, damn.

Now, I’m going to play devil’s advocate here.  When artists throw out violence in the first person, their audience sees whatever in videos and thinks that’s the shit.  The problem with that’s real world’s not controlled.  You step to someone, they WILL retaliate.  Artists believe they’re their personas (“OG”), and wind up on the business end of the guns they “unintentionally” glorify, because whoever recognizes them, and thinks they’ll make a name taking out so and so.  They know they won’t get ratted out, because of the gang mentality of not talking.  It happened to Biggie and Pac, and I bet it happens again even though they have “witnesses.”  The popo’re thinking it was a random robbery…yeah, right, they saw who it was and targeted him.

If memory serves me right, Pac was trying to change his message when he was taken out, and I’ve heard XXX was too, but first impressions last longer.  They’re the ones that got any artist on the map.  Labels know that, so they’re gonna hold and push that as long as they can.  Labels also know the psychology of kids, they know how to exploit that too, and do so until the angle’s run its course.  Of course, we’ll hear his label mourn, but they’ll move on to the next meal ticket to help perpetuate the next “OG.”  It’s just that simple.  Sad.

BTW, people’re up in arms about the jackweed, who recorded instead of helping…same mentality as the actual killers…show a dead celeb.  I saw the uncensored video, he was already beyond helping.

Be good to each other.


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