Friday, June 15, 2018

Creating a Legacy While Restoring a Legacy-It's Doesn't Take Much to Care.

Afternoon, Guys…

So, check this out.  This was taken yesterday.

I don’t care what your thoughts on Michael Jackson are.  Yeah, I’ve got my own, not concerning his life, but more the way he died.

One thing I can say’s that he did something RIGHT with his kids as well as the fam after he died.  She didn’t have to take it upon herself to clean off graffiti from a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame that’s NOT her dad’s.  Look at the emblem in the middle, that’s the radio emblem.

Here’s her dad’s.

Now, it doesn’t take a whole helluva lot of energy just to do something nice for someone you know, but to do something for someone you don’t know, takes courage and an innate goodness.

There’s been a lot of talk and speculation about MJ’s kids life directions, AND, she could’ve used this as a photo op, “look at me” angle, but, HONESTLY, who’s going to take the time to buy the alcohol or turpentine and sponges to manually scrub someone else’s star when you, yourself are a star in your own right, if not by namesake?  You can guara damn tee other people were walking by as she worked.

Just an observation.

Be good to each other.


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