Thursday, June 14, 2018

X Ambassadors Showing Us the Light.

So, we’re late for the party of the X Ambassadors.  Joey’s new counsellor told her about them at her first meeting with him yesterday.  He told her about them, because he said their video for their single, “Renegade,” featured crips!  Joey brought it up to me, so of course, I made Alexa find it, and we blasted a block on the TV a few loops.

While we were watching, I noticed the keyboardist, Casey Harris, never looked at said keyboard and wore shades when none of the other two, Casey’s brother, Sam on lead vocals and Adam Levin on drums and percussion, didn’t.  I brought up to Joey, so we really watched the other videos.  Same shades, same look.  When it looped back to “Renegade,” there’s a sequence they’re walking through an alley.  Sam has his hand on Casey’s shoulder, walking with him.  Not that Casey needed it, he had his cane leading the way.  It, actually, looks like symbolism with letting the blind lead the seeing.  There’s a new car commercial that has this theme I’ll get to in another post.

Today, I confirmed my thought, looking it up on Wikipedia, giving “Renegade’s” video weight in the grand scheme of things.  It means something personal to the band.

I ‘d heard “Renegade” as well as “Jungle,” which thematically and musically different, showing the breadth of X Amabassador’s range…THEN, they flip the script again to pull a hip hymn-like piece such as “Hang On” with its African vibe thrown in there, but my blind ass never really saw.  When Joey introduced me, Niagara Falls watching the beauty of the one video.  As I pour out words, we’re listening on Spotify surprised they’ve only got three full-length albums that we’re going to be getting ASAFP.

As it stands, my faves are “Unsteady” (I’m IN LOVE with that beat!) followed by “Renegade.”  There feels like a progression of themes from uncertainty to kicking ass and taking names…you’ll see.

Anyways, if you’ve known about them and are a fan, good for you guys.  For those of you that need to catch up, come on, check ‘em.

Be good to each other.


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