Tuesday, May 22, 2018

The Verdict.

Morning, Guys…

So, I’ve had a couple days to let 13 Reasons Why season 2 marinate.

The trial was an interesting mix of truths, lies, and what should’ve been said/dones, finishing in the only viable verdict with payoffs that were real world…as opposed to tidy TV world sum ups.  Sorry, no spoilers for those of you invested to watch and you newbies late to the party.

Like I said in the first three-episode piece, Clay’s back, still trying to cope with losing Hannah to the point of him seeing her.  Whether he really sees her or she’s his thoughts, we’re left in the dark until the after-show.  It’s an interesting bit of psychology and brings up the topic of the afterlife at the same time.  He even asks a priest at the end if he thinks Hannah made it to Heaven or went to Hell, which is the common thought for suicides.  It’s interesting what the priest says.

Taking the criticism from last season, the show did damage control all over the place, constantly posting, voicing sites, numbers, and whatnot to contact people in the know if you might be dealing with the topics covered in each episode.  Also, as previously mentioned, there was an after-show where a studio audience could interact with the cast and profession crew to ask questions and learn the thought processes that went into tackling topics.

I understand statistics have their place.  But, that’s JUST what they are…statistics…numbers…not people.  People change “norms” ALL THE TIME.  People are lost getting stuck in “norm” thinking…even if they care.

Of course, when a suicide occurs, the ones left behind want someone to blame.  The people’ll either go three ways: they’ll fess up remorsefully like Justin, they’ll lie about their role to distance themselves and save face like Amanda, or the what should’ve been done/saids like Mr. Porter, the counselor, when we get into his head to see what he SHOULD’VE said/done.  And, we get the verdict with the aftermath to lead into next season.

By the end of the season, Joey and I were saying they need to go the male rape route now…because, IT DOES HAPPEN…it’s just NOT broadcasted as much…if at ALL.

The end delivered on that thought in detail that’ll most DEFINITELY piss off, disturb, what have you, parental units and counselors that would rather white wash topics 13 Reasons has been tackling face on for two seasons now.

Be good to each other.


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