Tuesday, May 22, 2018

51 Days of Being a Cult Bitch.

So, this week on A&E, they’re having shows on cults (Jonestown, Heaven’s Gate, the Branch Davidians).  As you guys know, religions interest me.  With cults, it’s trying to understand how could anybody skew a religion so left from its intended meaning.

Last night, we watched a two-parter on the Branch Davidians.

I remember watching that shit go down.  I was a sophomore in school.  I remember watching old footage of Jonestown that went down when I was two but couldn’t wrap my mind around the current goings on.  I just knew it was screwed up from the back and forth from the compound and the ATF.

Fast forward to last night.  Joey couldn’t wrap her mind around how people could follow a guy, who proclaimed to be God, but a.) stole KIDS and others’ wives as his, b.) forced his followers to listen to his sermons to the point they were FORCED to piss and shit on themselves, and c.) talk parents into killing their kids as well as committing suicide, which is considered the worse sin we can commit to ourselves.

Me, I agreed with Joey, but what fascinated and scared me the worst was the difference between the two factions: them and us.  We apparently couldn’t get our shit together, fighting between the different representatives of the government how to deal with the cult.

On the other hand, they had a plan, they stuck together with the exception of a few defectors, and they executed it…even down to having a representative escape the fire with a floppy of the promised first scroll.  That’s scary.

I know I’m coming down on the government, but I’m in NO way glorifying Waco, that son of a bitch was screwed.  It’s just scary how a cult made the government its bitch…and, we’re still having documentaries and dramas 25 years later.

Be good too each other.


PS.  Sorry, the video's so long.

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