Thursday, May 3, 2018

What If...3-The Artificial Neuron Synapse.

Morning, Guys…

So, Joey’s dad sent this video to her FB page, and she tagged me in it.

OK, where to start…

Of course, you guys know Joey and I wonder “What If” from time to time.  It happens with everybody.  Then, Joe sends us this video talking about artificial neurons a couple days ago.

A couple days ago…we’ve talked about the possibilities a few times, and I’ve mulling over this since then.  Actually, I’d heard about this before Joe sent this video…actually, a little before Christopher Reeve died, so it’s been years…but, they were thinking about.  Too bad he died before they could really get testing going, he’d’ve wanted to be the guinea pig, because it would HAVE to be a human, not an animal.

Anyway, Joey’s and my convo was along the lines of that we could see this working in kids with, say, CP, maybe even Spina Bifida and new accident victims of any age, because, with kids, their brains haven’t fully matured.  With accident victims, they’ve walked or done whatever, so the knowledge is there, it’s just a matter of teaching the brain to synthesize the new hardware to make the body do what’s wanted.

We thought the older the person would be harder, because the matured brain wouldn’t be able to learn the new reactions as easily, especially, if the older person had, say, Spina Bifida, and never walked.  We know there’d be a learning curve at any age.

The video mentions the artificial neurons/synapses work FASTER than the brain, so then we get into physical body break don’t from over exertion.  The body, though can have a buttload of stuff to it, it WILL break eventually.  Also, we have to think about body rejection of a foreign object…like a transplant recipient.  Is it worth taking medicine the rest of your life to prevent said rejection?

We can’t forget the group that’s going to shout about playing God.

So, what you guys think?  Sound off.

Be good to each other.


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