Sunday, April 29, 2018

What's In a Color?

So, I don’t necessarily like Kanye West.  I think he can be an ass.  And though I voted for him, I’m not a 100% on Trump, because he is who he is.  HOWEVER, Kanye getting dogged on for backing Trump, because he’s black and blacks are “supposed” to vote a certain way is bullshit.

If I was around when FDR was prez, was I supposed to vote for him, because he was a crip?  Growing up, I was proud we had a crip prez…after all he’s gone down as being one of our greatest.  HOWEVER, as I started REALLY about the man, I learned that he ACTUALLY didn’t like being filmed in his chair…WTH, Man?  Now, I understand he didn’t want to seem weak, so therefore, he was mostly filmed standing, but still.  I lost some respect for the man, because he didn’t feel he could own what he was to the public.

Furthermore, I know a few black people, who did not and do not like Obama for whatever the reason.  Color didn’t bias them.  Sometimes, people just get vibes about people that trumps everything else, so they go against the perceived “norm.”  This seems to be the case.

Love him or hate him, kudos to Kanye for going against “norms” and his brothas.  Of course, I also heard it’s a Kanye gimmick to sell, and that’ll be on him.  On the same note, it could be those same brothas throwing shade on the dude for going against the team.

It’s Kanye, so we’ll be sure to know how it all shakes out.

Be good to each other.


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