Monday, April 30, 2018

Now, Who's the Handicap?

Morning, Guys…

So, I stole this from my girl, Victoria’s FB page.  Honestly, I think she baited me, but whatevs.  I love her just the same.  She’s been one of our biggest supporters back when Two Feet Below was just FB snippets and we’d talk on the bus she drove.  Then, she had to move away *sniff*.  Miss you, Sweetie!

Anyhoo, check this shit out!  Handicap parking should only be from 9-5?  Dude, first we DON’T event use handicap parking if it doesn’t look like we can get in the space!  Second, those spaces are a PRIVILEGE NOT A RIGHT, Jackweed!  Do you think we CHOSE to be a crip and need special things like parking…that, like I said, doesn’t fit our needs?

Sunday before, we went to Weird Al.  It takes planning to get to do stuff like that.  It’s NOT us just getting up and go.  We got to coordinate rides, because the buses don’t run that late, which means we’ve got to give heads up to providers to coordinate schedules.  Hopefully, everybody’s all in, but if not, we have to figure something else out…or, no go.  Of course, because we’re essentially asking providers to go with us, we pay their ticket or whatnot.  Although, I’d bought 4 tickets, because we thought Nurses was going to have someone for Joey since she gave them MORE THAN ENOUGH TIME to find SOMEONE!  They didn’t, but Ashley stepped up, and we had fun.  Point being, it’s hard to have night fun.

Day, we’ve got the bus or we can walk, but then, we’re bound by business hours or the sun unless we get a ride from wherever, which puts us back to the coordinating thing.

OK, so I got off on a tangent, sorry, Guys.  Point being, sorry, Dude, that our daily lives cramps your “all important” life…we have one too.  God forbid we take up one of your precious handicap spaces, quite frankly, WE DON’T NECESSARILY NEED.

Now, who’s the handicap?

Be good to each other.


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