Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Runaway Bean.

Afternoon, Guys…

So, random question: who has a trach?

I told you, random question.  Anyhoo, hands?

Last night, I ordered us Café Unique, a new Venezuelan restaurant, from Texas To Go for dinner.  We got an order of fried arepas with black beans and cheese and tostones.  They were running late, so we were still eating when Ashley came to help in bed.  I’d already eaten some of the tostones and was waiting for Joey to eat what she was going to eat of the arepas.

It was 8:30, and Joey likes to start heading to do her thing by 9, so I jetted to cath and do my thing while she saved my bit for after.  I got done, and Ashley me brought the leftovers, which were yummy.  We decided the place was a do-over just on the tostones.  However, it’s inevitable that I’m going to drop something eating in bed, which, of course, I did…one lone black bean beside me, just where I couldn’t reach it.

When Joey was ready to get in bed, I have to lie down.  That’s when I felt the bean on my hip…AND, I could reach it.  I got it and went to maneuver it to my mouth when it rolled INTO MY TRACH SCAR AND WOULDN’T MOVE.  Long story short, I asked Joey if she could get it.  When she saw, she rolled, and we had to get her chick to get the bean out of my neck.

Moral, of the story and Joey tells me this all the time, but for a different reason…don’t eat while lying on your back, something might fall in your trach scar.

Be good to each other.


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