Tuesday, April 10, 2018

An Ode to My Sibs.

So, it’s National Siblings Day.  There were three of us in the house, my big bro, Joey, who died in ’00.  We were day and night, but he taught me life lessons like the difference between childish and child-like and how to die with dignity.  I can never repay these lessons…except for telling you guys about him.

The other is my little sister, Kat, who I chose when Mom was preggers.  We’ve been through hell and back together.  She was there for me when Noe died in ’91 when she was 6.  We looked after each other when Joey died.  She had to learn to deal with crip brothers and all the shit that came with them, sometimes modifying things to allow me to participate.  Yeah, we fought, sometimes really bad, but at the end of the day, though we aren’t blood, our bonds MUCH thicker.

I love and miss you, Joey, and I love you, Kiddo.


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  1. What a beautiful family. Funny how we don't always choose family but no one said family has to be blood. Thank you for sharing this view into your personal life. Jason you are a gift that keeps on giving.