Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Soul Searching/Karma.

So, let’s do a little soul searching, shall we.

J, you’re gonna deep on us.  Yep, strap in.

You’ve heard people say, “I’m going to Heaven, because…”  Well, Joey and I were talking about death this morning.  Not in a fatalistic way, just in terms of how we feel and where we’re going.  I told it’s funny she brought that up, because I was doing some random googling, which I tend to do.  I got the idea to look up Anton Lavey, the Father of the Church of Satan and the author of the Book of Satan, which I’d done research on a.) because, I was writing the Altar Server and b.) because I like reading about different religions.

Anyhoo, the dude died in ’97, and I was curious if his last words were documented.  They were, and it surprised me.

They were: “What have I done, there is something very wrong.”

According to the video, he was supposed to be able to transfer his “powers” to the next in the hierarchy, but, apparently that didn’t happen.  What DID happen, I’m speculating and am probably not far from the truth, is that God judged his ass and the Devil, which he’d dedicated the majority of his life to, drug his ass to Hell right before his acolytes’ eyes, before he was really dead, so he could spit that out.  That’s some shit, and karma’s bitch.

They had a clip of the same lady 25 years earlier, singing Lavey’s praises before they cut away to her in the present.  She saw that, and said Lavey saved her from Hell, because she actually saw him go.  Now, from watching interviews and whatnot, the man was unwavering, didn’t bat an eye hardcore.  She said he was incredulous, terrified.

I did more digging and found other last words from famous atheists.  All, but one died with their atheistic convictions intact.  I also watched a video of a former atheist, who died and went to Hell, which reaffirmed Joey’s and my belief your Hell’s personalized, ala What Dreams May Come, except that he said people were in individual cells reliving their worst sins over and over and over.  He specifically mentioned Hitler just in his cell, then, bursting into flame until he literally melted away.  Then, he’d come back whole again to repeat the process.  He told of seeing his friends trying to get him to rebuke God, so he’d have to stay if the docs couldn’t bring him back, which he said felt like being pulled back and forth until they brought him back.

So, how about that soul searching?  I know I haven’t done any Hitler-type shit, but I haven’t been an angel by any means.  I’ve said screw God a few times.  I’ve done things to people, because I could, not thinking my last breath could be a heartbeat away…and, I wouldn’t get to say those two words.

Be good to each other.



  1. Wow Jason, deep yes and I have to say I am a non believer. Is heaven and hell a possibility I guess anything is possible. None of us will know until we die.Can it be possible there are alternate universes yes possible I think. Maybe there are places people go depending on the severity of there sins. So does that mean God is real and makes these decisions. I don't know! I have heard stories where people have said at the moment of death of their loved one they saw there eyes open wide and a light appeared. Will my soul be saved when I go I don't know but I will surely send you a sign lol. I was not raised to believe in God but I do know there is something bigger than all of us out there. Maybe we just die and our light goes dark. We won't know until we go.

    1. You're very right, Darcey, we won't know until we experience it for ourselves. I'm not in any hurry, I've got stuff I wanna get done. I do know, though, I've got people waiting for me.