Monday, April 30, 2018

Exercising from Two Feet Below.

So, this is going to be a twofer.

First, the US Father of Taekwondo, Jhoon Rhee, died today.  Without him, there’d be no Bruce Lee; therefore, no Jackie Chan and so on.  Martial arts film wouldn’t exist as we know them.

OK, how’s that tie into the next part?

Taekwondo's a great form of exercise, which is a must for a crip with lesser mobility.  With that in mind, today, I started doing weights with Joey.  A couple weeks ago when we took an adventure to Target, Joey got a 2 and 3-pound dumbbell.  

I was in the room when she was doing her routine (25 2-pound punches right, 20 left and 30 curls right and a 20-second extended left arm hold) and asked her to leave it on the bed when she was finished while her badass lifted herself on the pot after.

Last year, I was diagnosed as borderline diabetic.  A couple months ago, I went back to check how I was doing.  My A1C was up from 6 to 6.2.  I need to get that shit down, because I DON’T want to be on insulin.  Nobody’s gonna stab me in the gut!

This badass right here goes to Planet Fitness a couple times a week to keep his CP in check among other reasons.  I think he does it to his 6-pack to the chicks…just saying.  He's my older brother from another mother.  I need to keep up with him.

Anyway, I got to get serious if I’m gonna keep needles out of my gut, right?  Besides, I used to do weights when I was on the swim team my senior year, a stunt I fought for a few years before the powers that be acquiesced, on the days I wasn’t in the pool.

I did 50 curls both arms and 50 arm extension lifts, both arms.  I’m feeling the burn, but it feels good.  We’ll see where this goes.

Be good too each other.


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