Sunday, April 8, 2018

Luke Terry: Look Out for the Throwing God!

So, Guys, let’s go from the reprehensible to the wonderous, shall we.

You’ve heard of Def Leppard’s Thunder God, Rick Allen, who lost his arm after a car wreck, and came back to be the baddest ass drummer?  Well, I saw an article on this kid, who plays high school baseball, BUT, get this…Luke Terry had his right arm amputated, because of an E. Coli infection when he was 19 months old.  He catches AND throws with the one arm!  He’s also a batter!  If the kid has his way, we’ll be seeing him go pro!  He hates “I can’t,” he’s the next gen crip making it work for him.  Look how smooth that catch, transition to a throw is!  Look out for him in a couple years!

Be good to each other.


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