Sunday, April 8, 2018

Sick F---!

So, this sick fuck killed his autistic son in Tennessee!  What the hell, Man, what the hell were you thinking, or not?  Kids’ll follow their parents anywhere anyways.  Yeah, you might have to push them a little, but they’ll come, because they don’t want to be without Daddy.  No questions asked.  An autistic kid’ll follow their parents even moreso, because Daddy’s familiar, and autistic kids thrive on familiarity.  If that familiarity’s broken, their world’s thrown into chaos, but they probably won’t be able to articulate said chaos.  Kids wander, yeah, and, if your kid was a wanderer, as autistics do, how convenient for you as an alibi.  Wow, just wow.

Yeah, kids’re hard to deal with sometimes.  They don’t come with manuals.  Add a cripness like autism, and the care and stress grows exponentially to hair pulling levels, but, for God sakes, that’s no reason to murder the kid.  If it gets too much, put the kid up for adoption.  SOMEONE WILL WANT HIM OR HER AND WILL CARE FOR HIM OR HER PROPERLY!  This fuck sickens me!

Be good to each other.



  1. Oh how sad I am just watching the news and I was wondering if they had found him

    1. I know, huh. I read this and wanted to comment on it, but the words just wouldn't come the more I tried to put myself in that poor kid's shoes.