Thursday, April 19, 2018

Life's Quirks

Hey guys.  How're you?  So, I'm going to post (most of) this thought I vocalized almost a year ago.  It was very frustrating for us.  I hope you can see why.  And, unfortunately, it's pretty much a recurring thing:

[Jason and I want to go to the Titan Con this Sat to hang out and, also, possibly meet Seth Gilliam. We had a ride there and a separate ride from-no problem. Problem is my ride to Odessa has a problem taking Jason b/c he’s not her client.
I understand safety and everything-I really do. (ID’tK, though, it’s a new ‘rule’) However, part of it is she isn’t getting paid extra to drive J, and she’s upset. Two walking ppl get in a car, drive, and that’s that. It’s been that way since the dawn of time. No one would tell their husband, wife, child, best friend, coworker, etc, “We’re going to the exact same place to hang w/each other, but I’m sorry-you’ll have to just find a ride for yourself.” It’s absolutely absurd. Can’t we be as much like everybody else as we can?
Here is another example, if that one didn’t disgust you, and if this doesn’t make you want to throw up…
Years ago, I started walking to an appointment some blocks away. Please don’t ask why I didn’t take the bus; IRCR. So, it was overcast, but nothing was wrong. Then, halfway there, it started pouring buckets. I pulled over, texted friends. Nobody could help. I texted one who said I should call my company and they’ll send her. WTF? I’m asking you directly. So, I continue on my own.
Those who know this story know the full version, but through means of not one person helping me to the point where my chair got water-logged and stopped practically in the river intersection of Texas and Andrews, finally, I at least got a ride back home, missing my appointment. If that’s not bad enough, here’s my Real point.
A caregiver I used to have saw the whole thing. However, instead of simply helping out, as I would have done, she called the company, asking if I was still a client, so she could get paid to help me. S/one drove me home, and she followed and helped me change my clothes and shit. The day put me in shock, so I didn’t tell her off.
But later, I just felt like, am I not a real person? Do I not have friends (“friends”)? Stuff other (most) ppl take for granted, we have to fight, tooth and nail, for. I hope s/body reads this and understands me.
Now, we have to find another ride to the con.]

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