Thursday, April 19, 2018

Jock Itch from Two Feet Below.

Morning, Boys and Girls…

So, let’s talk about jock itch.  The struggle's real.  It’s true, we, as crips, can’t get up as much as others from our chairs, so we’re always adjusting, right?  But, say, in a 12-hour day, even if we adjust a couple times an hour if we aren’t too busy, it just doesn’t seem to be enough, right?  Oh, and this isn’t just a Summer thing, naw, that’d be too easy.  It’s random, year-round.  We, meaning both guys and girls, could go commando, but, windy days would suck trying to drive or push chairs.  What to do.

Getting out of the chair ain’t always feasible if you work or are out in general.  You could carry one of those little battery-operated fans, but they only go so far.  Creams and ointments can be costly if you don’t have Medicaid or Medicare…and, them paying isn’t even promised.  Also, with creams and ointments, the opportunity to bail out of the chair has to arise, which is time.  Time’s money in a job.  Of course, we’re talking about health, which should trump everything.

What to do.

Sound off.

Be good to each other.


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