Thursday, April 19, 2018

Adorable Interrogation.

So, I had a post lined up for when we got back from the Shop.  We’d gone to give T’Bro his shirt and show Cran one, which he took even though it was the size he’d asked for.  Yay, three shirts gone in one day!  While we were there, T was tattin’ a guy named Derek, who was getting the Virgin Mary on his forearm.  Derek was interested in our shirts and the site.  Ultimately, he ordered a large grey…COOL BEANS!  He subscribed to the Youtube channel and site on the spot.  MORE COOL BEANS!  Then, we were getting’ hungry, so we decided to start walkin’ home.

We were clippin’ as we turned on Mercedes when we saw a little girl with her mommy playin’ in a blowup pool.  The little girl saw us and said hi, which we answered back.  Then, she said wait and started to come toward the road, so we stopped, so she wouldn’t chase us.  Immediately, she wanted to know what we were in and why.  Her mom immediately tried to rein her in on the why question, which we told her it was OK.  We found out her name’s Kasee, and she has two dogs, a Great Dane named Sophia and a weenie dog.  She asked us about our dogs, and we told her about The Boys.  She asked us where we were going and where we lived and tried to look down the street when we told her.  She asked if we were goin’ to walk home in “those” meanin’ our chairs.  She asked us about the buttons on our chairs.  Her mom was gettin’ tired of standin’ in the sun, so she called Kasee to let us go, but promised her we’d come back by sometime when we walked The Boys, which we do a few times a week.

That was seriously the most adorable interrogation I’d had.

Be good to each other.


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