Friday, April 20, 2018

You Can Never Take It Back.

Afternoon, Guys…

So, yesterday when we were at The Shop, we were talking about watching Ink Masters.  Now, we know it’s a show and a competition.  We also know being that it’s a competition show, the contestants are pushed to their limits to perform and the show’s edited to maximize ratings.  Given that, a level of forgiveness needs to be dealt to the way they’re portrayed.

However, like I said at the end of Judge, what comes out of the mouth is what’s in the heart…meaning, even though the show’s edited for ratings, what the artists say STILL comes out of their mouths…and, they have to own it for better or worse.  To some extent, how we see them is how they really are.

Yes, they do beautiful work.  They wouldn’t be on the show if they were hacks.  BUT, the way the represent themselves on the show, doesn’t make me want to A.) want to throw money at them for a beautiful piece, and B.) be on the business end of the machine in their hand.  Judgmental, OK, ya got me…BUT, IT’S MY SKIN, I’m kinda attached to it.

I love our guys, we joke while I’m getting’ inked a lot.  I’m also not above checkin’ out new artists after I’ve cased them.  BUT, first impressions stick…it’s VERY HARD to sway someone from that.  Hopefully, they’re professional in their shops away from the cameras…but, first impressions.

Just a life lesson from Two Feet Below.

Be good too each other.


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