Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Young Voices Yell!

Good Morning, You Guys…

So, it’s going down!  Kids all over America’re walking out of their schools in honor of the Florida kids that were killed and to bring reform.  Now, before you skewer me, I’m NOT saying get rid of guns.  That’s NOT legitly* possible.  I AM saying to look at the way we sell guns.  NOTHING’S gonna be failproof.  I HOPE these kids understand that.  As loud as they’ve been and as much backing as they’ve gained, they aren’t miracle workers.

Shootings, whether it be drive-byes or organized, people die.  People that start their days, don’t make it home to bed…they wind up laid out on a morgue slab.  Spouses lose their other half, kids lose their moms and dads, moms and dads lose their children…for what?  A beef?  A mental illness?

That’s another thing, mental illnesses’re real things.  We have to take them more seriously.  We have tests to diagnose, but, again, we ARE human, some slip through the cracks.  In this last case, it seems SEVERAL oversights happened tragically, NOT JUST mental illness…and 17 people died.

But, getting back to this walk out, we gotta hand it to these kids for doing what they gotta do, so MAYBE this won’t happen again to this extent.  Don’t be fooled, this WILL happen again, sadly.  Hopefully, the powers that be are watching their TVs, phones, whatever.

Kids, get on your schools roofs, and yell!

Be good to each other.


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