Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Two Sides to Every Coin.

So, I was going through my FB feed when I read this: “These kids will March out of school in support of gun control but won't stand up for the kid being bullied in there (yes, they used the wrong their) class 🤔🤔🤔🤔”

My first reaction was: What an asshole, but then I really thought about it…and, HONESTLY, I COULDN’T argue it.

I know I wrote about the March this morning, but follow me…

It takes a special kid to be a leader than a follower.  If some kid’s getting ragged/bullied, more often than not, others’ll chime in…especially IF the kid’s deemed “strange.”

Strange, what is that?  Who defines strange?  Who holds that gospel?  I’m considered strange, because I’m a crip with tattoos and piercings, because I don’t follow the “definition” of a crip.  I CHOOSE to refer to myself as crip, not handicapped (you’re out of your ever-loving mind, I’ll throat punch) or disabled (I’ll tolerate, but you REALLY DON’T know me, and this is the milk and cookies way of just calling me a crip).  I’m a crip, born and bred.  It says it on my back.

If that gets me the label of strange, then, so be it.  I won’t AA stand for ya, because I’ll fall on my face.

Point is:  Activism DOESN’T start at or after the act…it starts BEFORE.

Be good to each other.


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