Wednesday, March 14, 2018

What If...2

So, we had time tonight to catch up on Good Doctor from last night before tonight’s coverage of the Paras.

OMG, where to, where to start.

This episode was about what ifs.  The question raised was, what if there was a surgery that could make a person walk again.

The set up:

Made crip comes in with back pain.  The thing is the guy’s been a paraplegic for the better part of his life after a car accident.  The pain he was having was from a tumor that somehow fused where his back was broken.  If the tumor can be removed, since his initial injury’s apparently been healed, it stands to reason that he’ll be able to walk again.  The clencher is, there’s a 15% chance he might die going through the surgery when they find out the tumor’s so big it’s kissing his brain stem.

Of course, the guy’s not thinking of the chance he might die without getting the chance to walk again.  His wife sees it, though.  She thinks he’s being selfish to want to take a chance with his life to fix something that’s NOT broken…namely their relationship.  She tells him she didn’t fall in love with the chair, but the MAN in the chair.  She’s also worried he’ll change when he can walk again.

I thought the same watching.  How would I be if I had the chance to walk?  Would I retain the experiences I had being a crip like the guy told Sean he would when he could walk again?  What if…

Through the whole episode, Sean was trying to piece things together with the wife being able-bodied and the guy being a crip, so when he was alone with Dr. Brown, he took the chance to “hypothetically” ask if she’d have a problem dating a disabled person.  She answered correctly.

Will Sean and Dr. Brown get together?  I honestly hope NOT, because Sean’s too good for her.  When we met Dr. Brown, she was screwing another resident just to screw when he ACTUALLY had feelings for her.  She’s grown up as the season’s gone, but no.  Sean needs to go find Lea, who was his neighbor at the apartments, or she needs to come back.  They were cute.

Anyhoo, food for thought.

I’m off to watch the Paras on NBCsn.

Good night, be good to each other.


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