Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Wrestlers/MMA Fighters Without Pay

So, Joey and I were talking about arthritis this morning we already think she might have it in her ankle from when she broke it the week we met.  Over the last year or so, her leg’s been off and on bothering her, and with Pat’s piece, I think it added to her wondering about the what ifs.

We noticed the difference between us and, say, my dad, who, in his 80s, has just needed surgery on his shoulder and knee.  We’re half his age, and things hurt sometimes.  I explained to her, and I think I’ve brought up before, that, since we don’t have the use of everything, the parts of our bodies we do use, get used for things other than they were mean for; therefore, they suffer.

Able-bodies, more or less, use their bodies as they were intended.  Now, I know that doesn’t ensure longevity.  Nothing’s promised.  But, with the use more evenly distribute, limb/muscle longevity is conceivably possible.

We consider ourselves healthy since we rarely have to see the doc with the exception of the rogue bladder infection that comes with me cathing.  We eat well, and Joey’s done her homework to make sure we get our glucosamine and vitamins to stave off the soreness that comes with everyday-ness.

I likened us to wrestlers or MMA fighters without pay.  LOL.

So, I open the floor to you guys to sound off.

Be good to each other.



  1. Hey you two, I have issues with both feet from breaking them both more than once. I should have had surgery but I was a buzy Mom and could not take the time out for me. I also broke my hand which needed surgery but I was 2 weeks from graduating with my RN. I had no time. Of course you know our feet take a beating holding our bodies up but also in alignment. So even if you don't walk much it can effect you. Needless to say I understand. I also had a car accident years ago which messed up my neck and spine all the way down to its end. I went to doctors my own md orthopedists,etc. We went thru PT which was a nightmare . Then nsaids which after 6 or 7 years it destroyed my intestines there is no lining left. So after that we went to pain meds. They took the edge off but the pain was still there and did nothing to fix the problem. Finally I found a doctor who also is a homeopathic MD. With his magic hands and changing my diet using tumeric and curcumin I am better than I have been in years. He not only discovered my one leg is over an inch shorter than the other which of course effects my spine and hips. I go for manipulation 2 times a month and most of the time my pain level is down to a three. you are not alone with pain and body issues. find a good homepathic Dr. and see how things go.

    1. Thanks for sharing, D. Hmmm, we'll have to look into the Homeopathic doc.