Tuesday, March 27, 2018

"There's Always Hope."

So, last night’s season finale of The Good Doctor had us reduced to blubbering fools.

Let me back up.  Last week’s cliffhanger had us finding out that Dr. Glass, Sean’s ward and mentor after his brother died, has brain cancer after he couldn’t come up with a word he should’ve been able to come up with at will.  Dr. Glass was also instrumental in getting Sean his residency at the hospital with the promise that, if Sean didn’t perform with excellence, he’d resign as president.  Of course, there are others waiting in the wings for that to happen.  Now, we find out he’s got 12-18 months.

Of course, Dr. Glass confides in Sean with explicit instructions NOT to broadcast it, that he’ll do it in his own time.  To add insult to injury, Sean’s lost his prized scalpel his brother’d given him.  Sean, who’s normally not phased by things, is disturbed so much so that he messes up on a sewing job, causing a major hemorrhage that’ll be fatal if the staff can’t find the source and the why.

Throughout the rest of the episode, Sean furiously looked for his scalpel while going through his mental encyclopedia to figure a way to save Dr. Glass, who’d accepted his fate and just wanted to live.  The chemistry between these two’s heartbreaking.  Sean desperately doesn’t want to lose his mentor/friend like he lost his brother by accident and pet rabbit his abusive dad killed, both occurrences happening in the pilot.  In one scene, we see he’s taken a whole room to work out equations and comb books and scans just to find the answer.  When Dr. Glass finds out, he’s beside himself to the point of madness.  After Sean pushes his hand by telling Dr. Glass’s secret, Dr. Glass humors Sean with a second opinion to find out he has even less time…months!  Still, Sean persists, all the while, the rest of the team has to try to save the patient Sean screwed up on.

When Dr. Glass tells Dr. Melendez, who we see in this episode’s NOT an egocentric prick, he decides to go for a third opinion to find out there IS hope (as minuscule as it might be) like Sean’d been telling him the whole episode.

In this episode, we saw Sean do three things.  The first was he lied , something he’d seen everybody else do for various reasons, to buy time to research and find his scalpel, which he thought he was gonna have to let go of while accepting Dr. Glass’s imminent death.  The other two things were things he’d said he hated…hugging and love…both he expressed to Dr. Glass willingly.  *cue the waterworks*

Like Sean said…

Be good to each other.


PS.  The show’s been greenlit for another season…God, the wait!


  1. Will Dr. Glass be saved??? Can Shaun function without his mentor. He most likely could do it but Dr. Glass passing could also push Shaun over the edge. So my hope here is even if Dr. Glass survives or not is Shaun devotes his medical career to finding a cure for brain cancer. Just a thought. Yes I watched but I don't cry.lol

    1. I agree, hopefully, this'll push Sean, but he has the nature of his autism working against him. Not judging.